Calling garment suppliers for global survey on purchasing practices

The purchasing practices metric of The Industry We Want tracks the status of purchasing practices in global supply chains of the garment and footwear sectors. The annual metric is now open for suppliers to rate their customers.

The Industry We Want (TIWW) is a joint initiative launched by Fair Wear, Ethical Trading Initiative and Sustainable Apparel Coalition to drive industry-wide progress across the garment and footwear sector. Purchasing practices are among the core focus areas of TIWW, with an annual temperature check on purchasing practices.  

TIWW has established the Purchasing Practices metric. This is an industry-wide metric that annually checks the industry’s progress on commercial practices by gathering information from suppliers’ perspectives through the Better Buying Institute Partnership Index (BBPI) Survey. The survey is now available for suppliers worldwide to complete from October 3 to October 31st and it is entirely anonymous. 

In the 2021 cycle, over 500 manufacturers responses were collected. The more data that is collected each cycle, the more robust the score and the tracking of change across the industry will be. To ensure that the TIWW results are even more representative of the industry’s purchasing practices at large, we urge you to share this survey link with your suppliers.   

Find more information about TIWW and the Purchasing Practices metric here.  

Link to TIWW annual survey on purchasing practices